Electronic Arts Phase 1 – Burnaby Campus

This multi-building campus is designed to support the unique activities in the development of interactive entertainment software and to provide a distinctive architectural image compatible with its corporate goals. It is a 360,000sf multi-phase secure high-tech work environment on an 11-hectare site with 2178 parking stalls that incorporates a complex program including workspace, a motion-capture studio, audio studio, library, large teaching/meeting facilities, cafeteria, gymnasium, soccer field, and a fitness facility. The building terraces in response to the sloping site, taking advantage of northern views and creating accessible green roofs.  
A glazed atrium “street” acts as lightwell, return air plenum, circulation spine and orientation element for the project as well as casual meeting space reinforced with coffee stations and meeting rooms. Space planning is flexible due to the large structural module, access floor, refined window grid and no ceiling. The facility is inspirational, connects people, increases productivity/happiness and promotes wellness.

Location: Burnaby
Size: –