The Post

Covering a full city block, the Post on Georgia is the largest heritage revitalization project in British Columbia. The former Main Post Office building, an International Style landmark in Vancouver, is reimagined as a centrepiece for the growing downtown community with high tech office space, restaurants, retail, and a new public plaza. Two new office towers create a contemporary extension of the existing building while being respectful of the existing heritage elements.
Within the existing heritage structure, the development provides two levels of underground parking, retail opportunities on the first four levels, and office and parking above in the top three levels. The towers above are articulated to establish a formal relationship with the base and surrounding context, while a contrasting material palette distinguishes old and new. Each elevation has a distinct identity using solar shades and window detailing to echo proportions of the heritage façade and develop a visual hierarchy of scales.

Location: Vancouver
Size: 1,900,000 sf

Concept & Renders