Centra Gas

This 80,000 sq. ft office building reinterprets and combines elements of the Edwardian commercial style common on Victoria’s Douglas Street in a more modern vernacular. An important feature, which demonstrates this and repeats in several locations, is a bracketed cornice in painted aluminium, which defines the roof, continues the cornice of the Fairfield Hotel as a landscaped trellis, and locates the building entrance at the pedestrian level as glass canopy.  
The bulk of the building is buff precast with grey sills utilizing one-inch-deep joint patterns sympathetic with traditional stone patterns. A two-storey retail portion of the building steps the mass down to the street is clad in brick, developing window proportions and patterns more similar to neighbouring buildings. The project is highly regarded in Victoria for the way it integrates with the surrounding heritage structures.

Location: Victoria
Size: 80,000 sf
Client: Standard Life Assurance Co.