2715 West 12th

West 12th is a rental residential rezoning in Kitsilano a rental residential rezoning under the City of Vancouver’s Affordable Housing Choices Policy. The proposal consists of 100% purpose-built rental residential units in 3.5 storey stacked townhouse form of development. The proposal includes a mix of unit types, three quarters of which are considered for family housing.  
The location and unique siting characteristics of the site provide an opportunity for providing rental housing stock to Kitsilano while retaining an appropriate contextual fit. The massing of the proposal is broken into simple but distinct elements to provide contextual fit and strong identity for individual units across the facade. ‘Classic Frame’ gable roofs are both inspired by neighbourhood context and respond to traditional residential forms found in Kitsilano. Contemporary details and materials are proposed to provide sensible, honest exteriors that are compatible with the rental use.

Location: Vancouver
Size: 14,000 sf
Client: Form Projects