Coast Capital Savings

Coast Capital is not your typical financial institution so it couldn’t be your standard monolithic bank building. It had to mirror the organization’s innovative, irreverent, fun-loving brand. This is a building that speaks to their values and reflects the growing reputation of Surrey as a business, innovation and transit centre.  
The building is progressive and sets the tone for the future with a dynamic built form that engages movement and stands apart. It starts with the same efficient, functional 20,000sf rectangular floor manipulated in space over 10 storeys to produce a dynamic form. The exterior is a composition of glass and colour that is less hierarchal and representative of Coast’s culture, employees, and community. West coast colours that graduate from green/brown (ground) to blue/grey (sky). Streaks of colour to indicate motion or direction which is sliced to reveal “end grain” or mosaic. It creates identity and pride of place for their employees.

Location: Surrey
Size: 180,000 sf